Steel Valley Logistics, Ltd. 

Why Choose Steel Valley Logistics?

Long-term Relationships

SVL is focused on creating relationships that achieve satisfaction for our clients, earn our glowing company reputation and increase success for our vendors.

Standard of Professionalism

Each member of SVL follows a general standard of professionalism as individuals and holds overall accountability. Our attention to detail allows us to provide consistent focus resulting in 24/7 availability and responsiveness.

Be the Change

SVL is driven by authentic, real-work experiences and knowledgeable people. We seek out different opportunities by taking on difficult tasks and situations. Our company identifies problems within the industry and enables necessary change.


SVL provides a bridge to like-minded people and businesses by making connections that are beneficial to all parties involved. Every customer big or small, is treated with equal respect and importance.


Focused on the customer, driven by delivering results. Our services allow you to focus on the other aspects of business while keeping your supply chain moving along successfully. 


Flatbeds, Vans, Partials, Full Truckloads, Heavy Hauls, we have you covered. Utilizing the most current Transportation Management Software (TMS), allows us to manage every shipment efficiently, and effectively. 


  With our extensive industry and management experience we can make sure you're choosing the right LTL companies to handle your commodities. By allowing SVL to you manage your Less than Truckload shipments, customers can rest assured that every single commodity shipped is properly classed, ensuring the best rates and service available.

Expedited/ Time Critical

Production Line down? Is time of the essence? Call us, we'll make sure whatever you're shipping gets delivered, and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure it gets delivered fast. Don't lose any more time waiting on a budget option that can't get the job done. 

The amount of barriers associated with international imports and exports can be daunting. We strive to break down these barriers by working with trusted partners, and competent and diligent customs brokers, ensuring each international shipment is handled with full compliance, accuracy, and efficiency. 

By allowing SVL to manage your tradeshow shipments, experience peace of mind that you might not have experienced in the past.  Working directly with your sales reps and shipping personnel, we get your exhibit moving. Your goods will be waiting for you so you have plenty of time to set-up and impress!


Shipping by rail has grown to be one of the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly options one can expect in the United States. Intermodal transport adds another tool to your supply chain. Increase capacity and save money by leveraging rail shipments with other forms of transportation.